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With the continuous growth of online education today, it may be difficult to choose which online school is best for you. Online colleges and universities are accredited by differing institutions, offer different degrees and curriculum, and have different approaches to online learning overall.

To help make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the top online colleges that offer a Master’s in Criminal Justice degree. All of the schools below are accredited by nationally recognized accrediting agencies, proven to only distinguish schools that uphold the highest academic standards. However, each online school has its own unique perceivable aspects. Therefore, we’ve highlighted the top features of each school, and briefly explained their Master’s in Criminal Justice program to help you with your first step towards achieving your career goals.

  • Boston University
    As an internationally recognized university with a prestigious campus, Boston University offers distance education to students that cannot find the time to attend a traditional campus university. Read More
  • Capella University
    Steven Shank, founder of Capella University and former CEO of Tonka Corporation, had a vision that adults deserved high-quality education without the constraints of time and locality. Read More
  • Colorado Techical University
    Offering higher education for individuals consumed in today’s busy lifestyles, Colorado Technical University is recognized as one of the most technologically advanced online universities. Read More
  • Everest University
    Formerly known as Florida Metropolitan University, Everest University has become part of a nationally recognized name. Read More
  • Saint Josephs University
    With over 150 years of experience, Saint Joseph’s offers a wide variety of curriculum to foster excellence in education and success beyond graduation. Read More
  • South University
    With over 11 campus locations in southern United States and its excellent online degree program, South University has proven commitment and dedication when it comes to the promotion of life-long learning. Read More
  • Virginia College
    With over 19 campuses in nine states, there is no question that Virginia College has gained success and notoriety across the nation ever since its inception in 1983. Read More
  • Walden University
    As a leader in distance education, Walden University enables high quality learning without sacrificing responsibilities at home. Read More

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  • Criminologist
    Criminologists study a variety of tangible and intangible factors that contribute to crime statistics, including demographics, social behavior, criminal behavior and psychology, and statistics.
  • Police Officer
    Police officers are entrusted with protecting the public from dangers in the community, from criminals to traffic accidents to property and domestic disputes to missing persons cases.
  • Us Marshal
    Federal U.S. Marshals are part of an elite law enforcement agency that specializes in protecting federal judges and federal courts, serving court documents, supervising federal elections, transporting prisoners, investigating and apprehending fugitives and more.
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Popular Online Schools

  • Xavier University Xavier University
    The mission of the Department of Criminal Justice is to equip Master of Science students with the competence and conscience needed …
  • Colorado Technical University
    Colorado Technical University is recognized as one of the most technologically advanced online universities.
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