Everest University Review

Formerly known as Florida Metropolitan University, Everest University has become part of a nationally recognized name. Offering career-focused training and learning, Everest University prepares students for the real world and its high demands. Their online programs give students the freedom to complete their assignments and exams at their own pace and schedule. They encourage students to take advantage of this flexibility and pursue an accredited, respectable degree of their choice.

Why Choose Everest University?

In addition to providing students with a distinguished faculty, career-focused curriculum, career placement services, and flexible schedules, Everest University’s faculty ranks amongst the top in online schools that offer support and assistance for their students. Treated as an extended family, students are guided every step of the way throughout their university attendance. The close-knit community often makes online education at Everest University more engaging and interactive. Whether students need a helping hand, motivation, or counseling, Everest University’s supportive faculty and staff are available 24/7. This important factor has made the University stand out amongst other online educators, and gained the appreciation from students.

Recognized as one of the nation’s top 15 percent of colleges that embraces America’s veterans, Everest University is proudly listed on the Military Friendly Schools list, a list gathered from a nationwide survey of over 7,000 schools. The honor is awarded to schools with a gold standard in offering military personnel and veterans the greatest educational opportunity, flexibility and overall learning experience.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice Program

Dedicated in preparing students for management-level positions in criminal justice environments and the court systems, Everest University’s Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree program will provide students with solid leadership and supervisory skills. The program will help broaden your skills and knowledge in areas including criminal justice administration, corrections, juvenile justice, drug abuse, and drug counseling. With a challenging curriculum and thought-provoking courses, students will learn how to:

  • Research methods and statistics on crime and the criminal justice system

  • Identify and solve problems relating to the justice system and policy administration

  • Analyze rising criminal issues and creating methods of overcoming them

The program consists of 54-56 credit units, with 32 core credit hours (9 courses) and 22-24 elective credit hours (5 courses). Typically, the program could be completed in 21 months, but this may vary depending on a student’s learning pace.

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