Colorado Technical University Review

Offering higher education for individuals consumed in today’s busy lifestyles, Colorado Technical University is recognized as one of the most technologically advanced online universities. Individuals can receive the same quality education online as they would at a traditional campus college, without the hassle of commuting and time scheduling. At CTU, students are given the flexibility and resources to advance both professionally and personally.

Why Choose Colorado Technical University?

A highly interactive virtual campus makes online learning at CTU different from any other online university. Students feel as though they’re attending a college campus, but without any of the restraints a physical campus imposes. Additionally, students have the option to choose their preferred style of learning, and still enjoy the daily interaction with classmates and professors. CTU’s Virtual Commons allows students to join social clubs and participate in extracurricular activities, so students could enjoy meeting new peers. They have also grown in the social networking sector, allowing students to network and share their thoughts in the growing diverse student community. For students who want the same experiences as a campus college, from learning styles to peer-to-peer interaction, Colorado Technical University’s virtual portal provides it all.

In 2009, CTU’s Virtual Campus was named the “Best of the Best” in the Computerworld Honors program in Academia and Education. The award acknowledges the University’s dedication to visionary and innovative use of information technology in the category of Academia and Education to promote economic, social, and educational change. They are also accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, an independent corporation recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice Program

For working professionals seeking new opportunities in law enforcement, corrections, and the court systems, CTU’s Master of Science in Criminal Justice is an ideal choice. The program will prepare students for work with policy development, planning, and decision-making in the justice system. This convenient program allows you to continue working in your current law enforcement position while allowing you to obtain a quality degree online that will help you advance in your career. The Master of Science in Criminal Justice program will help you:

  • Create proactive approaches for successful management
  • Examine complex ethical issues and how to deal with confronting them
  • Analyze strategies for planned responses to administering justice
  • Enhance problem-solving skills and decision-making
  • Examine legislative actions that have influenced policies

Taught by industry experts, the program courses may include Advanced Review of Criminal Justice, Graduate Research Methods, Criminology and Public Policy, Corrections Management, Issues of Diversity in Criminal Justice, and more.

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    Colorado Technical University is recognized as one of the most technologically advanced online universities.
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