A Peek Inside Custom Agents Information

One of the growing sectors within the country’s Homeland Security program is that of Custom and Border Patrol agents.  Currently, one of the most heightened goals of customs agents is to ensure that the borders are protected from any illegal activity and contraband through securing the borders.  However, customs agents are also in charge of assessing normal goods that pass between borders and ensuring that the goods have been appropriately paid through the fines and duties. 

The United States has prided itself on its open status of welcoming people from every background, although the past few years have shown a heightened security on this melting pot society.  While it may seem unfortunate that we no longer trust every person who enters our country, we can feel secure that custom agents protect our borders both from potential terrorists and from deadly weapons or drugs.  Becoming a customs agent is no easy task, and involves becoming a member of the largest law enforcement unit in the country, an honorable position to be sure.  Customs agents are forced to deal with unstable situations on a daily basis in order to continue protecting the American public from harm. 

Border towns are the most susceptible to infiltration, and therefore customs agents are typically positioned in towns near the Mexican and Canadian borders.  Mexico poses the biggest threat for customs agents, due to the heightened drug violence in the country.  Additionally, while the borders have become more secure in the past years, there are still a number of people who sneak their way across the border, indicating that potential terrorists could do the same.  Customs agents now have the heightened burden of checking every person’s passport, even if they only went across the border for twenty minutes.  Only a few years ago, this was not the practice, but new security measures have been put into place to further protect our borders.

While customs agents have recently busied themselves with the threat of terroristic threats and potential weapons of violence, there are still daily drug and human trafficking seizure which they play a part in.  Many people do not know that one of the major traffic stops exist an hour from border towns, in which customs agents ensure that there are no illegal aliens nor drugs in the car, thereby further ensuring that they will not make it out of the 60 mile radius of the border.   Becoming a customs agent is not the future for every person, but it can be one of the most fulfilling occupations because each day you further protect the country against illegal drugs, weapons, or potentially dangerous immigrants.  While the country continues to be welcoming of citizens from every country, we have taken heightened precautions in light of our international situation and customs agents are at the forefront of this domestic battle. 


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