What Type of Jobs Can You Get With a Masters in Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice appears, on face value, to be a degree that is extraordinarily flexible, but which also does not require a further degree program to accomplish a sustainable career option.  However, earning a masters in criminal justice is a goal for many criminal justice students because it puts them that much ahead of the competition.  This degree is becoming widespread across the country and why not?  Crime rates have risen in many metropolitan cities, and law enforcement jobs have nearly tripled, as more specialized departments have been created in the past decade as perfect openings for criminal justice graduates with a masters in the subject.

First of all, police departments have always beckoned to criminal justice students as potential detectives and other agents.  However, recent years have indicated a growing need for departments such as narcotics and homicide, indicating a need for more specialized degrees.  Masters programs in criminal justice therefore yield students who have concentrated on one specific topic, allowing them to become better versed in the subject than typical criminal justice graduates who have only earned a bachelors.  In many large cities, police departments are ever expanding entities which have acquired a large following.  Students who earn a masters in criminal justice are better prepared to deal with criminals in specific realms, and are more knowledgeable about the subject than other officers who are their age.  While older officers typically have the same amount of experience which equals a masters degree, younger graduates have a leg up on the competition through their education.

Jobs in the CIA and FBI are also more attainable with a masters degree, as many of the more specialized departments are highly competitive and typically require years of experience in law enforcement.  More and more departments have opened up as well in the past few years in both units, as more dangers are discovered within the country and more wars are declared in different nations.  As these hidden dangers come to light, a new department is usually created to counter this danger through new intelligence committees, typically requiring a higher education in the matter.  Masters degrees in criminal justice help provide this kind of background knowledge on potential dangers and how to best arm yourself to discover more information about international dangers or home-grown terrorism. 

The possibilities are nearly endless for masters degrees in criminal justice, as many can be applied to any type of law enforcement or other types of political science careers.  While many masters programs are highly specialized, others remain broad so that the recipient will have a more flexible opportunity to search for jobs in the industry. 


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