The Enlightenment that Comes with a Masters in Criminal Justice

Criminal justice degrees are very broad undergraduate degree programs that are meant to mold into a variety of possible careers.  As a result, it’s only after earning a master’s degree that students begin to find a specialized career choice and can make changes within the criminal justice system.  This is particularly important in fields such as international justice, in which nations around the world are unsure how to tackle larger justice problems due to the many conflicting ideologies.

Students of criminal justice frequently find their way into law enforcement careers or justice-oriented law careers which deal exclusively with criminal law.  However, students of masters programs can expand their knowledge of the justice system by being introduced to the intricacies of our own system and the differences between the many international justice systems.  These are vital skills to have in a global economy, especially when many nations are become more closely intertwined.  The international criminal justice system is a work in progress, as many world leaders are struggling to accept other methods of prosecuting international criminals.  This is one of the leading topics within the criminal justice system and exploring more of what it entails will lead to a more thorough understanding of the international system, as well as a possible career within programs like the UN.

Additionally, other Masters degree programs in criminal justice allow students to get a better understanding of what their future could consist of in a highly specialized sector of law enforcement.  Some students of higher criminal justice degree programs can go on to earn positions at the FBI or CIA.  Further classes in criminal justice help prepare students to face the “seedy” aspects of the criminal justice system and understand the criminal mindset better than a bachelors degree would allow them to.  Certain positions in law enforcement require a deeper understanding of the specialty you are going into, and while this may come with experience in the industry, other employers will accept a higher degree in criminal justice.

Criminal justice is an ever expanding industry because it encompasses so many different fields and positions.  Crime will always be the center of the criminal justice industry, but there are other aspects that have little to do with crime and the justice system, but which still require the specialization of criminal justice.  Therefore, it is always a good idea to consider a further degree if you enjoy the bachelors degree courses and the future prospects of a career.  

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