50 Best People Search Engines to Track Down Anyone

The Internet has a wealth of information, and not surprisingly, lots of that information is about people. You can find just about anything you want about someone online, including public records, addresses, and high school photos. If you’re looking up a long lost friend or family member, be sure to check out these resources.

White Pages

White pages are great for helping you find addresses and phone numbers for people.

  1. Whitepages.com: The official WhitePages offers people search, reverse lookups, and beyond.
  2. Whowhere: Whowere is a great white pages resource, with a phone lookup and more.
  3. The Ultimate White Pages: The Ultimate White Pages makes it easy to search many different white pages all at once.
  4. Superpages: Superpages offers people search, public records, and more.
  5. Anywho: Find people by name and address using Anywho. This site offers searches on the iPhone as well.
  6. InfoSpace: You can find people through the white pages on InfoSpace, and even set your own default location.
  7. AOL White Pages: AOL’s people search directory offers an easy way to locate people.
  8. Switchboard: Switchboard’s website allows you to search by phone, find public records, and more.
  9. 411 Locate: Use 411 Locate to find people through white pages and even reverse phone lookup.

People Finders

Use these search engines to find basic information and beyond on just about anyone.

  1. ZabaSearch: ZabaSearch offers searching by name and telephone number, offering numbers and addresses for free.
  2. LexisNexis: LexisNexis is one of the most trusted names in finding information about people.
  3. Whozat?: In this people search engine, you can fill in as much information as you have to find people.
  4. Peoplebot: Peoplebot makes it easy to find addresses, phone numbers, satellite photos, and more.
  5. Yasni: Yasni offers information about anyone’s name online.
  6. Wink: With Wink, you’ll be able to find people based on highly refined searches, with distance, schools, groups, interests, and more taken into account.
  7. Spock: Spock will help you find out where your friends are online with pictures, blogs, social networks, and web links.
  8. CVGadget: Check out this search engine to find people on a variety of people searches at once.
  9. Pipl: Find people by username, phone, email, or names on Pipl.
  10. PeekYou: PeekYou profiles make it easy for people to find your websites, social networking, pages, and other stuff about you online.
  11. Infopeople: Infopeople’s search makes it easy to use a variety of search engines at once to find people.
  12. iTools: This search tool will look at a variety of different people searches, including international locations.
  13. ZoomInfo: ZoomInfo offers a great source for finding both people and companies.
  14. Spydentity: Spydentity will search all of the major search engines, social networks, image sharing sites, news, and blogs to find who you’re looking for.
  15. SquidWho: SquidWho offers a people-powered Who’s Who online for celebrities and regular people alike.
  16. Google: Even though specialized search engines are great, it’s hard to beat the firehose of information you can find about people on Google.
  17. Reunion: Get reunited with people from your past, and find out who’s searching for you on Reunion.com.

Public Records

Use these search tools to look up criminal records, marriage certificates, business information, and more.

  1. PublicRecordsNow: Using this search engine, you can find public records including date of birth, relatives, and addresses.
  2. PeopleFinders: With PeopleFinders, you can search for background checks, criminal records, and business ownership.
  3. Public Records Pro: Get an instant public background records search from this website.
  4. Background Check Gateway: Use this website to find information about identity theft, public records, background checks, and employment screening.
  5. Mamma: Mamma offers a people search as well as a public records search.
  6. Government Registry: With this website, you can find criminal files, court records, and more.
  7. Search Detective: Search Detective has a reverse phone lookup, public records, and more.
  8. Abika: Use Abika for free background checks, court record searches, and more.
  9. Intelius: Intelius has it all-background checks, reverse cell phone directory, screenings, and more.


Need to find someone outside of the US? Check out these resources.

  1. 411.ca: Find people in Canada using this local search engine.
  2. 192.com: Use 192.com to find personal records, people, and more in the UK.
  3. 123people: Here you’ll find a free people search for public records in the US, France, Spain, and beyond.
  4. People Search: People Search offers a free people search directory for Australia.

Social Media

Make use of these social media tools to find and connect with people online.

  1. Facebook: Facebook offers a fun and easy way to locate your friends online.
  2. LinkedIn: Search for people, companies, and more in your network and out through LinkedIn.
  3. iSearch: iSearch offers a way to search the social web.
  4. MySpace: MySpace is a great way to find old friends from school and work.
  5. Friendster: Using Friendster, you’ll be able to locate your friends within the social network.
  6. Twitter: Find the Twitter streams of your friends, family, and acquaintances using Twitter’s search option.
  7. Orkut: Discover new people through your friends and communities on Orkut.
  8. Ancestry.com: Ancestry.com’s search will help you find family around the world, current and past.
  9. Plaxo: Find out who you know and stay in contact with them easily using Plaxo.
  10. Ryze: Similar to LinkedIn, Ryze makes it easy for you to find your friends and networking contacts.
  11. Classmates: Classmates.com offers a great way to look up your old friends from high school, military, college, and more.
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