Top 50 Foreign Policy Blogs

Foreign policy affects our future regarding economics, human rights and living standards, safety, war and alliances with other countries, and even the environment. If you are studying foreign policy or just want to learn more about it, read these blogs by professors, journalists and other experts to stay on top of the U.S. actions around the world.


These foreign policy blogs are a great place to start learning about the laws and history that shapes today’s news.

  1. Passport: The editors of Foreign Policy maintain this blog to report on the most current statistics, news stories and political movements that affect Europe, the U.S., Asia, and more.
  2. UN Dispatch: Keep up with what’s going on at the UN in this blog. Topics include diplomacy, human rights, Iraq, climate change, global health, and more.
  3. Whirled View: The bloggers on Whirled View report on everything from world politics to global environmental issues, pulling from their experience as a former Time bureau chief, communications specialist, and more.
  4. The Washington Note: Ambitious blogger and foreign policy researcher Steve Clemons keeps us up to date with thoughtful posts on U.S. diplomacy, the media, the European Union, the Middle East, and everything else.
  5. Just Foreign Policy: This group is "dedicated to reforming U.S. foreign policy through coordinating the broad majority of Americans to advocate their interests and values." Read the blog to get informed about the Middle East, torture and war crimes, and more.
  6. Foreign Policy Watch: Get news and commentary on diplomatic strategy and global affairs here.

Human Rights

For information on human rights issues and what’s being done about the people in Darfur, Burmese refugees and others, read these blogs.

  1. The Human Rights Blog: Read this blog for human rights news, conflicts and conferences around the world.
  2. Human Rights: This blog belongs to the Foreign Policy Association network of blogs, and reports on journalist killings, Burmese refugees, and more.
  3. Field Notes: Field Notes is the blog from UNICEF, and you can visit to catch up on stories and policies that affect children’s basic rights and safety.
  4. Rights Watchers: Join the Washington Post‘s discussion to help Kenneth Roth and Reed Brody uncover human rights stories and conflicts.
  5. Global Voices: Global Voices underscores all kinds of human rights violations and movements around the world, raising awareness and lobbying for change.
  6. Human Rights Now: This blog from Amnesty International blogs about terrorism, the U.S. presence in foreign policy and human rights movements, international justice, and more.

U.S. and North America Foreign Policy

These blogs offer insight and coverage of U.S. diplomacy and the role the U.S. plays in international affairs.

  1. White House Blog: Check the White House blog to read about new Executive Orders, scheduled meetings and more regarding foreign policy.
  2. Undiplomatic: Charles J. Brown is "bringing diplomacy back, girl," and loves to uncover news and corruption about global issues, all reported with a liberal slant.
  3. Drezner Foreign Policy Blog: Daniel W. Drezner blogs about the U.S. presence in global affairs, especially in regards to finance and global markets.
  4. The Diplomatic Times Review: Munir Umrani spreads the news and shares his own commentary on international politics, from Gaza to the role of the media to Turkey.
  5. Democracy Arsenal: Get news and intelligent commentary on U.S. foreign policy and its role in global affairs.
  6. U.S. Department of State: The State Department’s blog shares updates on new foreign policy developments.
  7. American Diplomacy: Here you can read "foreign service dispatches and periodic reports on U.S. foreign policy," from a group dedicated to sharing the knowledge of diplomacy practitioners and scholars.
  8. USC Center on Public Diplomacy: For intelligent, informed analysis on American diplomacy and international policy, read this blog from the University of Southern California Center on Public Diplomacy.

Asia and the Middle East

From the Gaza Strip to China, these blogs cover the important developments that shape world politics, the economy and more.

  1. China Rises: China Rises is written by Tim Johnson, the Beijing bureau chief for McClatchy Newspapers. Read his blog to learn about Chinese censorship, Chinese reactions to U.S. policy, and general Chinese and Taiwanese political culture.
  2. Baghdad Life: The Wall Street Journal uncovers daily life and politics in Iraq in this blog.
  3. Pomfret’s China: Post Global’s blog explores Chinese communism, the Chinese economy, and more foreign policy issues in China.
  4. Babylon and Beyond The LA Times blogs about the Middle East, including the Gaza conflict, Iraq, U.S. ambassadors abroad, and more in Babylon and Beyond.
  5. Lebanon: Find out what conflicts, tradition and legislation affect Lebanese culture and politics here.
  6. India Political Blog: Read about corruption, politics, the economy and more in India when you visit this blog.

Environment and Climate Change

For news on climate change and the legislation and issues surrounding the environment, check out these blogs.

  1. Global Issues: This blog covers the issues and policies that affect living conditions, the environment and the economy around the world.
  2. Climate Progress: Learn about the steps different countries are taking to reduce climate change here.
  3. Dot Earth: This blog from the New York Times "examines efforts to balance human affairs with the planet’s limits," covering population growth, foreign policy, the energy crisis, and more.

Europe and Africa

These bloggers dissect foreign policy in Europe and Africa. You’ll find blogs about the European Union, Darfur, the Balkans, and more.

  1. A Fistful of Euros: Read A Fistful of Euros for European policy and analysis of world events, campaigns and political developments.
  2. Next Europe: Post Global’s Next Europe blog explores what’s next for European politics, culture and organization.
  3. Read this blog to find out the latest news and developments from Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Croatia and other Balkan nations.
  4. Making Sense of Darfur: Find out what’s really going on in Darfur and keep up with ICC decisions here.
  5. EU Energy Policy Blog: Learn about the energy crisis in Europe and what’s being done to keep oil prices down and save the environment.
  6. Atlantic Review: The Atlantic Review is a "press digest for transatlantic affairs" and covers a combination of U.S., German, and general foreign policy news.
  7. EU Law Blog: Learn about the legislations and issues affecting the European Union and European citizens here.

War and Terrorism

Here you can find analysis and news reports on conflicts and counterrorism in the U.S., Afghanistan, Syria and beyond.

  1. Counterrorism Blog: If you’re interested in counterrorism, visit this blog to read analysis and news reports from experts who explain U.S. policy and international issues.
  2. Small Wars Blog: Those fighting Small Wars around the world can find information, support and insight here.
  3. Antiwar Blog:’s blog examines every kind of terrorist attack and war-related development, from U.S. officials to foreign nations.
  4. War Crimes: In this blog, you can get updates on trials at the International Criminal Court, the latest from Guantanamo Bay, and more.
  5. War and Peace: This blog from national security and foreign policy reporter Laura Rozen features news reports and analysis about conflicts in Syria, within the CIA, and more.
  6. Afghanistan Conflict Monitor: Simon Fraser University’s Human Security Report Project tracks and analyzes conflicts in Afghanistan and beyond.

Global Health

For insight into the research projects, legislation and awareness about global health issues, check out these blogs.

  1. Global Health Policy: The Center for Global Development blogs about research and foreign policy developments related to global health and safety issues.
  2. Global Health Report: Health journalist Christine Gorman writes about "what needs to happen next in global health" on this blog.
  3. Malawi Clinics: Study this blog to better understand the health crises in developing countries.
  4. Global Health:’s Global Health Blog helps the general public understand global health issues and how global health policy programs work, from NGOs to private groups’ efforts to hospital ships.

International Law

Learn about international law, foreign policy and diplomacy from these bloggers.

  1. Opinio Juris: Jump into the debate about international law and international relations through Opinio Juris, a blog written by professors and former government workers.
  2. International Economic Law and Policy Blog: Use this blog to catch up on all the news and analysis reported in other media outlets regarding international economic law.
  3. International Law Observer: Understand human rights issues, diplomacy and other foreign policy moves from a legal perspective here.
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