Top 50 Constitutional Law Blogs

You don’t have to be a lawyer or involved in a civil suit to need to understand Constitutional Law. From protecting your civil liberties and fighting discrimination to learning more about election laws and government accountability, these blogs are great resources to help you become a more informed and responsible citizen.

Civil Liberties and Activism

Read up on how your civil rights are defended every day by the Constitution when you visit these blogs.

  1. Chris King’s 1st Amendment Page: Here you can track criminal and other cases with Chris King, a New Hampshire blogger who reports with a tongue-in-cheek style.
  2. ACLU Blog: Get updates on new measures, campaigns and issues that the American Civil Liberties Union is interested in.
  3. Latino Politics Blog: Follow politics and legislation as they relate to civil liberties, especially the rights and issues relevant to the U.S. Latino community.
  4. The Liberty Blog: If you’re interested in how religion, the law and government intersect in the United States, read this blog.
  5. Free Constitution: Here you can read about rumors, official legislation and the future of politics and the Constitution.
  6. Brad’s Weekly Constitution Blog: From the Second Amendment to elections to religion, this blog is dedicated to "defending the original intent of the Constitution."
  7. Wait a Second!: If you’re interested in following the civil rights cases from the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, follow this blog.
  8. Ephemeral Law: Learn how the Constitution protects privacy and security in a digital world here.
  9. Feminist Law Professors: This feminist blog discusses real-life issues and legislation that support or threaten women’s rights.
  10. Schneier on Security: Bruce Schneier’s popular blog helps the public understand how the government and the law protect or infringe upon privacy and security.


Professors at law schools like the John Marshall Law School and Ohio State University share their expertise here.

  1. Constitutional Law Prof Blog: This regularly-updated blog from Steven D. Schwinn from the John Marshall Law School discusses current constitutional law cases, politics and more.
  2. Progressive Liberty Blog: This blog is written by a law professor at Michigan State University and considers how the Constitution still influences American society.
  3. Equal Vote: Dan Tokaji at Ohio State University blogs about Election Law and voters’ rights.
  4. Crim Prof Vote: Mark A. Godsey of University of Cincinnati College of Law blogs about the criminal justice system, the Supreme Court and more.

Discrimination and Labor Laws

Learn about discrimination law and employment law, including gay marriage and women’s rights, here.

  1. Women’s Rights Employment Law Blog: Better understand your rights in the workplace when you read this blog.
  2. Labor Law Center Blog: Keep track of human resources policies, federal labor laws and more with this blog.
  3. Law Memo: Learn about employment law here.
  4. Rainbow Law Blog: The LGBTQ community can learn about their legal rights and benefits here.
  5. Gay Marriage Blog: This issue is controversial on several fronts, including religious, Constitutional and social. Learn about the cases and debates here.
  6. Gay Rights Watch: From marriage equality legislation to freedom of speech, this blog covers "all the gay you can take in a day."

Second Amendment

The right to carry arms is still a controversial and heated issue. These blogs cover all the debates surrounding the Second Amendment.

  1. Of Arms and the Law: Learn about gun laws and the legislation, cases and movements that influence them here.
  2. Armed and Safe: This blog serves as a platform for those who want "to argue for gun rights, and to debunk the logic of those who wish to violate them."
  3. Say Uncle: This irreverent blog discusses gun control, politics and more.
  4. This Louisiana-based blog’s recent posts include "Repeal the Lautenberg Amendment" and "Obama thinks guns have to be registered."
  5. NRA Blog: The NRA are famous supporters of the Second Amendment, and you can read about all legislation updates and news on their blog.

Official Blogs

For official updates and news coming from the American Constitution Society and the U.S. Supreme Court, turn to these blogs.

  1. ACS Blog: The American Constitution Society updates readers with news, cases, legislation and discussions about the Constitution here.
  2. SCOTUS Blog: This is the official blog from the Supreme Court of the United States.

Law, Policy and Rebellion

Here you’ll find information about dissent, civil disobedience and more.

  1. News from the Rebellion: Also called The 1776 Solution, this blog mixes history, current events discussions and plenty of quotes from The Founding Fathers and other famous Americans.


These federalist blogs cover everything from censorship to the founding fathers to bailouts.

  1. Crime and Federalism: Read about the news of the day from a philosophical perspective here.
  2. The Federalist Blog: Learn about the U.S. Constitution in a modern day context, immigration laws and cases, and more.
  3. American Federalist Blog: This blogger supports "the superior nature of our form of government" and posts about everything from censorship to the elections to federalism to FDR.
  4. Federalist: This blogger supports "free markets, free people," and posts about everything from energy rights and research to gun control to bailouts.

Voting, Elections and the Political System

Learn about government accountability and election law here.

  1. Election Law Blog: Rick Hasen blogs about election law, ethics and more.
  2. Common Cause: This blog’s tag line is "holding power accountable," and you can read about government ethics, election reform and more.
  3. The Campaign Legal Center: From lobbying and ethics to campaign finance litigation, you can learn a lot about the behind-the-scenes world of elections.
  4. Watchdog Blog: Watchdog calls out illegal and unconstitutional behavior in Washington.
  5. The Hill Blog: Congress’ blog reports on the latest legislation, proposals, members and more.
  6. Election Law @ Moritz: OSU’s blog closely follows election law developments, legislation and more.

Criminal Justice System

Find out how the Constitution affects and influences the criminal justice system today when you visit these blogs.

  1. Sentencing Law and Policy: Here you can learn about the U.S. criminal justice system and its policies on sentencing and punishment.
  2. Seeking Justice: This blogger’s mission is to seek justice within the flawed system.
  3. Criminal Justice: This blog is an excellent resource for staying abreast of criminal justice reform.
  4. Underdog: This criminal defense lawyer summarizes Supreme Court cases and movements in criminal justice reform.
  5. Capital Defense Weekly: This blog questions the use of the death penalty.
  6. The Criminal Justice Journalists’ News Center: Anyone can catch up on the latest cases, rulings, opinions and criminal justice issues here.
  7. The Lonely Abolitionist: Get the latest on sentencing and the death penalty here.


Here you can find blogs associated with the ACLU and more.

  1. The Populist Party: Find out how current political and economic issues are still held accountable by the Constitution in this blog.
  2. Mass Rights Blog: The Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU blogs about Prop 8, Big Brother, jury ethics and more.
  3. The Liberty Papers: Read about civil rights issues like gay marriage here.
  4. Constitution: Read posts that cover the history of the Constitution and its future here.
  5. The Volokh Conspiracy: Read about cases that revolve around the Constitution’s amendments and more. Recent posts include "The Fourth Amendment Abroad" and "Lessons from the Great Depression.
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